Thursday, February 26, 2009

Episode 6 - It's Urban History Month!

Well, what it is, Roundeos! It's time for another installment of A Round Of Applause With Travis And Andrew! After the heady drama of last episode, we're back with our two feet planted firmly on terra firma (Latin for Terrific Firmness) at Round Of Applause Headquarters. Join us as we discuss Travis' lifelong dream of bionic eyes, as well as:

Intro/Apologies/Travis News/Andrew News/Bionic Eyes/By Any Means Necessary/Urban History Month/Merch/Podder's Block/Demolishing Shea/Drink Of The Week/You're On Speakerphone/Goodbye!

Here's the show on mp3! The language we use this week is a little strong!

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Jana said...

This is of no relation to THIS week/month's post, but it's related to a past one which I cannot specifically recall. One of my profs came into my place of employment, I guess this would've been 2 years ago? Well, she was a Women's Studies prof and she referred to her "partner", I forget what we were talking about. I then went on to ask something about her partner, referring to them as a "she". Professor noticed and corrected the assumption. Her partner is a man, and she is not a lesbian.