Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Hello Rounders,

Just wanted to send you this e-card to wish you happy birthday! Exactly one year ago today, the first fan of A Round Of Applause With Travis And Andrew came into existence, and in celebration of this occasion, we wanted to give you this hand crafted, one of a kind, genuine Travis And Andrew excuse! We don't have a new podcast for you yet, but rest assured, between Travis' busy work schedule selling cocaine on the corner (ed. THIS IS 100% TRUE!) and my oxygen allergy, we're working hard on Episode 7!

Andrew (not Travis)

Friday, February 27, 2009

Not No Fatties

New swag. T-shirt discussed in episode 6. We quite literally do not want no fatties. Fatties are sub-par. Buy it here.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Episode 6 - It's Urban History Month!

Well, what it is, Roundeos! It's time for another installment of A Round Of Applause With Travis And Andrew! After the heady drama of last episode, we're back with our two feet planted firmly on terra firma (Latin for Terrific Firmness) at Round Of Applause Headquarters. Join us as we discuss Travis' lifelong dream of bionic eyes, as well as:

Intro/Apologies/Travis News/Andrew News/Bionic Eyes/By Any Means Necessary/Urban History Month/Merch/Podder's Block/Demolishing Shea/Drink Of The Week/You're On Speakerphone/Goodbye!

Here's the show on mp3! The language we use this week is a little strong!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Episode 5 - An Evening Of Radio Drama With Andrew And Travis Why Don't You Give Them A Hand

Oh boy. It's been quite a time here at Round Of Applause Headquarters. Travis has been in orbit in his steam powered airship for almost half a year, and I've been pretty much consistently on the run from the law since this last podcast was recorded way back in the summer of 2008! But we managed to cobble together these tapes and in celebration of A Round Of Applause With Travis And Andrew turning 5, so please allow us to humbly present: An Evening Of Radio Drama With Andrew And Travis, Why Don't You Give Them A Hand or It's A Steampunk Thing. Also in this episode:

Intro/Apologies/Travis News/Poverty Line/Steampunk Thing/Andrew News/Mountain Goats And Moo Cows/Most Annoying Thing In The World/Mugged!/Poetry Corner/Assless Chaps/Bootygram/You're On Speakerphone/Fan Mail/Drink Of The Week/Goodbye!

Here's a link to the "mp3."