Monday, May 19, 2008

Episode 2 - Mother's Week

Hello Rounders!

Sorry for the delay, but the Mother's Week edition of A Round Of Applause With Travis And Andrew is finally up! In this week's episode, in honor of Mother's Day, we call up our mother's to help them celebrate Mother's Day in style. Also, this week:

Intro/Corrections/Travis News/Andrew News/The American Magazine/Pushups Contest/High Voice Low Voice/Drink Of The Week/MILPh/Lazy Bones/Thanks!

Download the mp3 of episode 2 right here! (Slightly NSFW!)


robs said...

Enjoyed the tonal changes in the voice to compensate for only having one mike. I wish you guy talked like that in real life!

Also, if you could just make the podcast maybe one and a half minute longer it would be the exact length of my morning subway commute!

jessae said...

I'm so late on these & my comments, but anise is fucking disgusting. Andrew, I'm siding with you. Travis, issue a correction. Anise is vomitrocious.